Since 1978 – for the past 41 years – we have been privileged to work with our valued clients, suppliers and friends on branding and creative projects and campaigns. It has been a great run. And we have forged countless treasured relationships and shared many business and personal experiences.

Throughout these years, with the continued trust and support of our network, besides providing a vehicle to create effective design and marketing communications as well as an artistic outlet for our creative teams – which was collectively our mission – Benoit Design has seen us through many adventures on life’s journey. At this time, our life’s journey leads us to retirement. Again, this would not be possible without the loyal trust and support we've received. For that we extend our sincerest THANK YOU!

So, as of July 31, 2019, Benoit Design began the process of winding up the corporation in order to open new doors to new adventures, like travel and more time with our grandchildren! After taking time to “relax”, besides travel and grandchildren, we plan to occupy ourselves with motorcycling, hunting, fishing, volunteer work, Ollie Mae Fruitcakes, cooking and other “fun” classes, and perhaps a bit of consulting.

We wish everyone future happiness and success and remain, as always, with warmest regards and sincerest gratitude.

Until we see you again,

Dennis and Alma Benoit